Last updated on: May 12th, 2022

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Mood disorders 5

A 34-year-old woman comes to the physician due to persistent low mood, diminished interest in previously enjoyed activities, insomnia, fatigue, reduced appetite, feelings of worthlessness, and recurrent suicidal ideas for three weeks. Last week, she told her husband that she had sinned and that she had a confession to make. She refused to participate in her regular Sunday mass, saying that the pastor would humiliate her for her sins. She is a primary school teacher but has not gone to work for the last two weeks, as she was unable to concentrate at work. She does not drink, smoke, or use recreational drugs. She has no history of significant medical illnesses. Her husband states that she had a similar episode about three years ago and that she was on antidepressants for around six months. Currently she is not on any medications.

Which of the following is the most suitable DSM-5 classifier for this patient’s diagnosis?

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