Last updated on: February 19th, 2021

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You’re looking at an interactive scenario from Clinical Sense (one of four distinct learning formats available in Clinical Odyssey). Try it out, and have fun improving your clinical skills.



You are sitting at your favorite cafe, sipping on an intricate Italian roast and idly flipping through a magazine.

"Nothing related to medicine today", you remind yourself, skipping past a glossy article on bariatric surgery. It's your day off and you don't want to see so much as a ball of cotton.

Right on cue, your phone rings. It's your colleague, Patrice.

"Hi! Can you please cover for me today? I have a huge family emergency and I really have to go. I'll owe you one, thanks!". She sounds frantic, and hangs up before you can utter a word.

With a sigh, you put down the periodical and trudge to the car. "So much for 'nothing related to medicine today'", you mutter to yourself.

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