Last updated on: June 30th, 2021

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You’re looking at an interactive scenario from Clinical Sense (one of four distinct learning formats available in Clinical Odyssey). Try it out, and have fun improving your clinical skills.



"You know, we might as well be vampires," your colleague says, munching on a potato chip. The two of you are relaxing in the doctors' lounge, watching the latest soap opera, just before the start of yet another shift.

"Why do you say that?" you ask lazily, while leaning over to grab another chip.

"Well, think about it. We have access to all the blood we could want, we look pale and sickly from eating all that cafeteria food, and I can't remember the last time I saw daylight."

"You know, you actually might have a point there," you say. "Although we'd probably be dead by now, if we were vampires. These chips are garlic flavored."

You both laugh out loud. A second later, your pager lights up. You've got a patient.

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