Last updated on: June 7th, 2024

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You’re looking at an interactive scenario from Clinical Sense (one of four distinct learning formats available in Clinical Odyssey). Try it out, and have fun improving your clinical skills.



The clinic door opens, letting your first patient of the day in.

You are pleasantly surprised to see Gabriela, a normally bubbly seven-year-old who goes to school with your daughter. She is accompanied by her mother, Mrs. Morales.

"Hi, doctor! My legs are real thick. I don't like them, they're not pretty anymore", says the little girl sulkily.

Her mother explains - "Her legs began to swell around a week ago. It was barely noticeable at first and I didn't think much of it--I mean, she's normally just so active. But it seems to have gotten much worse now. And this morning, I saw her eyes....I think they look a little puffy."

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